Sayings of the Week

by Meho, Ohme or Honey 

Saying of Meho

It’s okay to put yourself

first once in awhile.

Here’s your official

Permission slip!!


I am Meho

And I know were to go

I follow my gut feeling

And spending my wisdom I bring healing

I dare to question everything, never afraid

I simply choose to sustain my happy state

Allowing myself to pass beyond wrong and right

As one of the results how to connect the dots to an infinite insight

The road I choose is the art of elegant refinement

And in this way I bring my heart and mind in alignment

(Note: Meho, stands for awareness.)

And I am OHME

OH poor little ME

Why can’t I be more free?

Eventually at the end of the day I am always loosing

I have so much difficulty in choosing

Which Path to take, I can’t decide

I allow myself constantly being ruled by my ego’s pride

Will I ever learn to abandon my self-made chains?

Becoming free of the shell, which always remains

(OHME, stands for ignorance)

And ME

I am Honey the Bee

With my Bee-ing

I stimulate the See-ing

I am every where in creation

to do my pollination

I am a buzy bee and can’t sit still

and do that on purpose and free will

I behave like a universal star

whilst I collect the Solar nectar

On all the things I sit on

I might ask for  your attention

(Honey, stands  for cross fertilization )

Why is there a snail as a significator ?

The keynote of the snail is:” Protecting vulnerable emotions and spirit, movement to the light”.

The snail carries its home on its back everywhere it goes. This shell is its protection of its soft body. It encloses and protects against drying out and predators. The snail has a fine sense of timing when to appear and disappear to make sure it is safe at all times.

Its biggest lesson in life is to learn to Trust. To Trust that life is essentially good and that all experiences, as well ‘the good and bad ones’, are all for its upliftment, if one chooses so. 

Snails are Hermaphrodites meaning they are both male and female and when they mate they send their ‘love darts’ to each other. This has for us two meanings. The first meaning is that if you can bring ones male and female aspect together it will birth the Holy Child from within. And the second meaning is, that because they both can birth their offspring, they equal co-create. One of the biggest lesson to learn for Mankind in order to move away from any master-slave scripts and step in its unlimited Creator Being potential. 

Snail medicine teaches sensitive people, who were often ridiculed in there early childhood, to bring forward their Holy Child once more. To examine the walls and shells we have been building around ourselves.  The time has come to stop hiding and bring out the magic of life. The snail carries the sacred seed of the Way-shower opening the sight of Higher Vision of a new Path. 

Stimulating commitment and proclaim to the multiversity

“ I am ready to accept change in my life, because change is the only constant in life if you dare to live it”.

If we ask what we wish for properly, it will manifest. This will learn every time again that we can do much more physically and spiritually, if we learn to Trust our abilities to create. 

Let others think what they will, whilst we Trust we find our Path.