We are a group of volunteers who bundle their knowledge and experiences with the aim to balance our health and wealth. How can we ever focus individually on global issues, if we are still in the midst of our personal issues we face day to day?

The amount of disinformation singing around on the Internet is staggering and many people don’t know anymore what to believe. To research and find out things for ourselves needs time and effort, but why do the same research individually again and again? What if we could bring together our research into one place and as members have access to it? In that scenario, we can focus on an extension of existing information and we can increase our perspectives and options to solve issues.

The major reason of disinformation is the conflict of interest. Very often only what is of interest of the financier of the research gets published. To avoid any of these entanglements and to provide a trustworthy source of information to its members, we started Rodina, a Non-profit Knowledge Center and Observatory. 

Rodina means Motherland of the People.

To learn more about our aim and motivation click here. 

Below you find some projects we are testing or are in development. Everything we discover and has been approved that it works will be made available to our members.

High-Quality Cheap Femily Home

Some of our members are working on how to create a ‘Femily home’

as cheap as possible, short construction time, using specific shape and form to reduce heating costs with 30% or more besides a proper applied insulation, increased of life-energy flow to support health and well-being.

It will be ecological accountable and has a higher living standard than modern man is used to today! 

Sounds out of the box doesn’t it! 

When there is more to announce we will let you know. 

Water management, a new perspective is needed . . . . .

When we talk about water and how to clean water, there is always the discussion about so called grey- and black water. It is the black water (water that is used to flush our toilets) that is the disturbing factor and causing all our problems in cleaning our ‘waste’ water. If we could separate the “black water” and we only had to deal with our grey water (coming from the shower, kitchen and washing machine), what would the picture look like then? But before we go into this, we need to educate ourselves and dig deeper into how our ancient wise Mother planet ‘solves’ these issues? So let us face the fact, that when we walk in the woods, we don’t meet smelling decaying animals lying around. Actually, everything is clean and clear in a natural environment and it is an exception if we find a dead animal or something else being smelly! So what are we overlooking in our own understanding and perception of waste, pollution, and natural cycles? 

It is our experience that Man will not face these issues, if there is no need for this, especially with something like water. This is so readily available for Industrial countries that most people have no questions at all, if the water is actually healthy or not. 

There is a whole project of development in this area and when more has been put into practice and it all works, that will become the moment to share more, so you too can apply- and benefit from it. 

And we don’t need to burden our Mother Planet any longer, she will be one of the happiest with our new perspectives. 

Sea life, food and more . . . .

This will be a mind-blowing project and is of worldwide interest. 

Some scientists have predicted that within 10 to 20 years the oceans will be almost empty of fish. There are multiple reasons for many extinctions of sea life, either caused by pollution or over fishing. A serious form of pollution and contamination of diseases, is caused by the so called stationary  fish farms, which cause a terrible damage to our ecosystem.

‍ We think that this scenario  for our oceans is a horrible perspective. 

There are better ‘solutions’ and developments in this area, but unfortunately these types of developments stagnate, because the return on investments is  long-term and most corporate investors want to have a quick return on their investments. It is especially in these projects that the people of earth can make a real difference.  How you might ask? 

We have hardly any money! Maybe, but we are large in numbers. 

If we all contribute something, together we have the amount needed to start a project like this, connect creative and motivated people together and attract ‘the right kind’ of investors.  In this way, the people of earth actively do something about this issue and make it possible that there is an increase of sea life in the oceans again. We think that this is a fantastic perspective and will make us, earth mother and our children happy!

We hold the view that we, the people of earth, can make a difference. 

We can change things for the better. It is in our hands what we do or don’t. We have to be far more aware that we have so many talents and capacities stored in each one of us. It is NOW the Time we start to learn to use them fully and  cooperate and co-create together a reality we whole-heartedly say YES to. 

And this starts today, by dreaming and seeing ourselves doing it

To be continued. 

From ❤️ to ❤️

Members of My Happy Femily.