Is about us, about you?

In lackech, means; i greet you and i recognize i am in essence an other you. 

 Do you seek deeper relationships to recognize one’s true nature in self and in others?

 Do you seek ways to manifest together projects of value and significance?

Then about us. is about you

There is no reason for people to be alone because there are people like you. Our group of International people do seek ways to share knowledge and experience and promote each other in the development of the 4 pillars of life: Health, Relationships, Work and Spiritual Development. For this reason the happy femily process was born, to offer a platform: 

    •    to meet each other face to face (either via zoom or life when possible), 

    •    to connect with people who care and want to do what it takes 

        (you who read this now)

    •    to inform and share research and evidence based Knowledge 

        (This save all of us time and energy plus we build a library to 

        access, for the generations to come)

    •    to co-create, to manifest and contribute together significant projects* 

    •    and much more . . . .

Many people assume they can do things alone, which is encouraged by the digital age which sell us the illusion of instant gratification; all it takes to accomplish anything is just one push on a button and some exchange of money and we are finished. The question is: what is the real contribution?

To manifest real quality and significance this will always takes time, patience, and longterm investment. Despite all our technology, a baby still needs 9 months in the womb, to be an adult with full brain capacity still takes 27 years, a fruit tree needs 7 to 10 years to bear in abundance fruit. Instant is an illusion of the artificial technical intelligence and is making mankind everyday more dependent on digital devices and technology. The actual change happens in the unfolding of the organic; it happens in us, we are the true technology that can secure a safe and prosperous future; to experience this promise people need:

  •    Real connections and dynamic dialogues with people face to face

         to increase & develop awareness and be willing to go beyond ones

         limits of belief

    •    By working together in significant projects we learn; to value 

            our god giving gift, to unite and to contribute

   •    To experience the uplifting and energizing aspect to be a part of 

            a true femily of people who genuinely care about each other, 

          the future of mankind, our precious Earth Mother and 

          the Greater Community

    •    and much more

When reading this, is there a resonance? Perhaps a long distant memory? Or just a spontaneous yes; i need to connect with true brothers and siSTARS, this is what i have been looking for. 

If something like this goes inside of you, ask the man or woman who shared our link how you can proceed. In case you haven’t you just somehow found us, you can connect via this link. and we take it from there.

We are looking forward welcoming you. 

From ❤️to❤️

Members of My H❤️ppy Femily

Project examples: 

  •   Regular Zoom meetings amongst true brothers and siSTARS to meet and share knowledge and life experiences 
  •     Develop new Ways of gardening to develop sustainable ways and outstanding results
  •     Develop new Ways of earning currency for our labour: we call this happy money by way of sharing 
  •    Developing products that support health, increase our energies or alternative ways of earning money or working ways to protect from  5 G and so on
  •     New ways of building based on sacred geometry and other energetic harmonizers
  •     Unfolding the secrets of water, the elixir of all life; how to purify, structure and energize Water and other possible applications
  •    Develop new ways of recycling, to restore the compost cycle as one of the ways to reintroduce quality and sustainability: new views on waste management
  •     Develop new ways of health-care by means of self-care: to re-connect to the intelligence and ways of nature 
  •     Develop new ways of child care and education including new understandings of the process of conception and everything around the sacred marriage of energies
  •    Private Research projects, like making visible the health effects of 5G, are there safe and effective alternative energy resources to restore self-determination over our lives and in the universe, how to Re-mineralize of the soil and so on
  •     Learning together how we can express the Law for Mankind: which means that no man or woman can get away with doing harm, 

        with the knowledge of Law for Mankind and us learning to express law, we can keep man and woman responsible for their harmful 

        actions by bring forth honor, pressing a claim for seeking remedy in a peaceful manner

    -    And much more