The Path of the Freedom Lifestyle

    •     Acces your Authentic self

    •     Understand your bodies

    •     Discover your real needs

    •     Create your Time & Space

    •     Question who you are

    •     Know what you are

    •     Understand other’s motivations

    •     Walk the path of EMpathy

    •     EMpower their possibilities

    •     Discover hidden Agendas

    •     Share your time in quality time

    •     Protect against negativity

    •     Stay Sane in an Insane world

    •     Care by Sharing your Well-being

    •     Understand the Soil you live on

    •     Let Nature be your Tuner

    •     Own your Reality of Kind

By means of professional equipment, we are able to make invisible unbalances ’visible' which often unknowingly are present in our bodies.  

We are able to show you how we can ‘test’ what ’the root causeis of the unbalances that prevents the body from being energized and feeling good. 

The moment you decide to make use of these tests (scans), we can make together with you, a “simple-to-follow plan” how to come to your desired wellness. In most cases, there are no drastic lifestyle changes to be made. It does not matter what age you are, or what your physical condition is at that moment,  together we might come to solutions that will work best for you. 

In return, people report that they are amazed by how quickly they have results and how great it is to feel good again. 

Beside the important human to human contact and care, we can make the following technical scans:

1) Extended cellular analysis / scan and reading

2) Bio resonance scan and reading

3) Bio resonance support

Note: Concerning the latter, additional solutions can be obtained in further consultation.

The Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:


We are humans who do not intend to give any medical advice, nor claim to treat any disease. For this, you need to council the Medical Industry and its professionals.  By means of professional equipment we can make 'visible' what is going on in the body and it is your responsibility what to do with this information. We share from human to human what we know & experience based on our personal experience & research combined with what we received back from other people their experience.  We came to be aware that knowledge based upon the Truth is rare in this world, but is essential if one needs to make 'wise' decisions. We are after the impartial Truth coming from care and accuracy to reclaim one’s health as was our natural birth-right when we entered into this reality, combined with having the wealth (the means) to create a quality of life that allows us and our children and their children to enjoy life and evolve.