Why did we select the elephant as our significator for My Happy Femily?

Mankind is on the brink of the greatest transition in humanities recent history

As a collective we need to evolve from an adolescent to maturity.  The time to just do what we want, what is stimulation or exciting because we like it and with no responsibility towards the consequences of our actions, is over. 

For those of us, who are becoming aware, great waves of change are already happening changing the landscape of the earth forever. Soon nature will set the rules of our engagement, and if we don’t start to recognize something serious is happening,  we might face in our near future only chaos and tragedy. But when we have enough courage to prepare and begin today, we might engage a Greater Life with new opportunities to evolve our race and to guard our planet in an appropriate way.  

An animal who naturally represents the characteristics that we as a man or woman need for the transition is the elephant

The elephant is the most intelligent, oldest and strongest animal on land, is not distracted by what it sees, but is highly sensitive with smell and sound, knows far ahead what is coming, therefore easily distinguish between "what looks good" and "what is good", to protect it’s family, guards the ecology in which it’s lives, and follows the lead of the wisest female.

Feminine energy is a nurturing energy and serves that which is truly of value, which is always viability. Humanity has preyed on the earth's resources and as a result, the weather has become so unstable that it affects our food supply. Humanity now needs the strength, wisdom and care of the elephant to ingeniously learn to survive in this new world. (It is for this reason we use femily instead of family)

Why do we need to prepare? 

The most important factor is; that we need to stop drowning in the sea of chaos and despair, and start preparing today, like Noah did building his arc, way before it started raining. 

There are many more like us who feel inside that the world is moving in a direction that is inevitable. Food, water and energy that are commonplace today will have to be 'worked for' in the future. For things to be bearable in the future and for the problems not just to be passed on to future generations, we see it as our obligation to actively engage in simple , straightforward, and inexpensive viable solutions, which also hold up in this new world

To be able to, we need resources, raw materials and contacts. 

The Blessing Fund is our invitation to you to jointly contribute today to work on tomorrow's viable solutions.  

Why do we need your contribution? 

To arrive at solutions that serve the 'ordinary' man or woman will have to come from the people for the people, because unfortunately the larger organisations almost always pursue a revenue model at the expense of humanity and mother nature. 

There is no time any longer to complain, the time has come to act together. We are highly competent, motivated & constructive creative team of people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. We have the knowledge, the time and skill to manifest new solutions, with which to begin, prepare ourselves collectively. 

If you also feel something needs to be done, but currently lack the time, energy and or knowledge or skill, to invent and manifest working solutions yourself.

There are plenty of ideas, the question is,  do they all work in reality? 

Because that is what contributes to our projects.

You can help to contribute to the necessary solutions for example by donating some of your resources to the Blessing Fund. 

There are 3 ways to contribute to the Blessing Fund click here to find out. 

We are looking forward welcoming you. 

From ❤️to❤️

Members of My H❤️ppy Femily