Bless yourself or a loved one 

with a unique gift

Bless yourself or a loved one with a unique gift that increases life energy in yourself, your home and/or your business and brightens up your surroundings, with an extraordinary gift that you will not find just anywhere else. Each item is made with love, attention and refined craftsmanship or is an exceptional gift from Mother Earth in a dance with the energies of the cosmos. 

Uniquely, the gift is also a blessing for all parties involved. By the flow of Euros to the Blessing Fund, research, development and, "testing of solutions" are funded with the aim of making today's human beings as fit and vital as possible to be able to make the transition we are in and to preserve our freedom to evolve in the future. 

Each item has spent several years in a high dimensional space, so it has extremely high frequencies, it emits and promotes life energy and or, in some cases, an intelligence has 'taken its place'. Let the photos speak for themselves  guaranteed there are some or more items that make your heart beat faster and contributes and increases life energy in your life. 

Bless (Bless) yourself, your loved one, your home and/or business and support the Support Team with the purchase of a unique gift and thereby support the evolution of yourself, your loved one, humanity, the earth and ultimately the entire universe. 

Men and women of the

Forever Vital & Pet Care Support Team

A private initiative. Engaging with us means that you agree, as a man or a woman and on your own title, to the notice on My Happy Femily

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